May 24, 2024

Photography Portfolios: Types of Layouts



The photographic portfolio is a very simple collection of work, but being a very beneficial activity, it requires certain perfection for the desired result. The portfolio need not have the best of your photographs, especially if it is for fashion photography purpose. This means that any portfolio need not contain the best clicks as per the model’s decision alone. Let the portfolio experts suggest and have the final say about the number of photographs to be included. If a series of work is coupled together with unifying theme or style, the portfolio appears eye-catching.

The portfolio provides an opportunity to present yourself and your work, so it is always recommended to create a portfolio with the set goal in mind. And fashion photography being one of the most profitable spheres of photography, focuses on portraiture, extensive lighting, beautiful locations, and posing for the commercial purpose.

With the changing scenarios of the photography industry, portfolio presentation has also witnessed changes. In the past, portfolios were only on paper, but now Technology has introduced the option of presenting it digitally on format like PDF, JPG or through various online mediums/software that enables sharing the link for the portfolio directly over the email or other social media platforms . and in case the modeling agencies are interested they call upon the model with physical portfolio because paper folios are always a better option for evaluating the model’s look.
The kind of photographs layout chosen for portfolio matters a lot. All layouts kinds are equally beautiful; a few can compliment your photographs better than the other. This is because every person’s photography style, genre, and Portfolio designs need a different approach.

The wrong layout may ruin the impression of the model on the modeling agencies. Listed below are few kinds of  photography layout which could prove to be a great choice for models:-

1) Grid-based layout

This kind of portfolio is excellent for showcasing a wide number of photographs. In case vast collection of your pose and portraiture are to be showcased it is quite useful in both portrait and landscape format.

This is a perfect kind of portfolio layout which can showcase all your photographs.
The photographs can be cropped to fit the grid or can be made to fit the original size. In this kind of portfolio layout, mixing and matching of photographs can be different mood can be done effectively.

2) Full bleed layout option

This is the most common layout option for fashion photographers in which your image entirely feels the page of the portfolio. The biggest advantage of this kind of layout is it focuses on image rather than the background or the props.

3) Side border portfolio layout

In this kind of layout, borders are present on two sides of the photograph. It has been said that it is full bleed layout without any need for cropping the image instead of the image is being placed in the center of the page, and the border on both sides of the image are filled with the color option of Black Or White.

4) All side Borders
This kind of photography portfolio have borders on all sides. This is a way to mat the images in a print book style. Overdoing this layout in a Portfolio can give it a boring and monotonous look.

5) White space along one side
Instead of having borders on two sides layout or all the four sides layout this layout places the full image bleed on three sides, and a white space runs on a single side of the page in the gutter.


Wrapping around

Although these are only suggestive food portfolio layout, No one needs to follow any set rules. It is always better to get portfolio layout done by professional photographers as being into the business they know what appeals to the models hiring agencies the most. After on, the main purpose behind getting the portfolio done is to get assignments, and if the portfolio would not be appealing enough for agencies, it will be the sheer wastage of time and money.

The best fashion photography portfolios are kept simple, and following the latest trend, a lot of white space with few design elements and simple text can be viewed in the best fashion photography portfolios made by modeling agencies in Mumbai and across the world.

Various photography templates are available online that can help to present a fashion photography portfolio in a very stylish manner. Depending upon the personal choice, the portfolio can be chosen, which can help to create a lasting impression on the audiences. Create a visual story with your fashion photography portfolio with the help of photography professionals who know the latest in and out of such portfolios.