February 27, 2024
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The Weirdest Fashion Trends

Fashion is a weird thing, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with looking good, but what is wrong is when you try to look good and better than everyone else, and you end up looking the worst. That is not only unfortunate, but extremely hilarious as well. Fashion is never static, it changes almost every month. Newer outfits come out, people get hypes about trying out new fashion trends, but there is a thin line between trying a trend and following it blindly.

We now live in a generation where trying out the weirdest fashion trends is a trend in itself. And, for some reason, the Fashion Gods decided to give us a whole pile of unnecessary items, which only the bravest of souls are willing to have in their closets. Not only are they bold, but they are risky as well. I know that is what Fashion is, but do we really need such clothes? Well, if you’re looking to entertain or yourself, or maybe cringe a little, then read through this blog. Here, you will find some of the weirdest fashion trends, which people dared to sport.

Weirdest Fashion Trends People Dared to Try

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The fashion industry is the most continuously changing industry. What is trending today might go out of fashion tomorrow. Some trends are pretty good, but the others are just ugh. Looking at runway models, sporting the weirdest of attires, we end up saying, “It’s fashion baby!”. But, when it comes to day to day lives, such trends are a big no-no.

Lately, a lot of fashion trends have come into existence that are nothing short of bizarre. In the name of fashion, people are up for wearing just about anything, just to keep up with the trends. You know what is more bizarre? The fact that people actually went ahead and tried such trends.

Obviously, Rihanna and Beyoncé can pull off such trends, and even Lady Gaga who is known to do so, but not us. Definitely not us. They can turn up on the red carpet wearing anything they feel like, and we’ll go head over heels for them. But, until them, here are some of the weirdest and most bizarre fashion trends that people thought would be cool but turned out to be the opposite. Watch at your own risk: –


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Yes, you are seeing that right and no, this is not just some crazy man wearing plastic-pants. One of the weirdest trends in fashion to ever exist, these are transparent pants. Whoever thought of these, clearly didn’t want his or her pants to fulfil their requirement. I remember seeing somewhere on social media, that Kim Kardashian was sporting these pants. I mean, sure why not, she’s Kim Kardashian. But imagine if you and I wore such pants. Hmmm….

2) Knee-high denim boots

Denim is something which instantly gives you a cool look. Denim skirts, shirts, jeans, shoes, and even phone covers, are some of the denim products that we all love to use. But then, there was this weird trend of wearing knee-high boots made of denim. Finally, you have found the ultimate purpose of those scrappy old jeans that you were about to throw away.

Want to check them out? Go ahead and click on this – https://www.instagram.com/p/BY3ia-aF06v/?utm_source=ig_embed

3) See-through shoes and heels

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All I can say after seeing these are, “Why, just why?” why spend money on a shoe that is transparent when you can spend the same amount on a perfectly good-looking shoe? Do you want everyone to know that you’re having a bad toenail day? Or a bad feet day? At leave something to the imagination, please.

4) Clear knee-patches on jeans

If you don’t know what they are, just imagine this – a normal pair of jeans with transparent patches on the knees portion. Yes, that’s a trend now! I mean, I was fine with ripped jeans and I actually like them, but this is something I cannot just see myself wearing. It feels like having a mini raincoat patch for our knees. It is just too much.

Want to see these bizarre pair of jeans? If you insist, check it out at – https://www.instagram.com/p/BXhlmMiB9rV/?utm_source=ig_embed

5) Multicolored pair of boots

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Life seems better when its colorful, but that does not apply to everything. Recently, a new trend erupted where people started wearing multi colored shoes. Companies like Puma and Nike took up the trend and infused it well into their designs, which looked pretty cool. But now, the weird trend of wearing multi colored boots has been given birth from that. And not multicolored designs but wearing two boots that are of totally different color, literally!

Check it out (OCD people, I warn you, don’t see it): –


6) Lace shirt for men

I don’t even want to say too much for this one. things just seem VERY wrong when you look at it. a laced-shirt for men, doesn’t quite fit into the picture.

Take a look for yourself: –


7) Sneaker pants

If you love sneakers and jeans, this is the perfect combination for you, a pair of sneaker pants. A trend that blew up in 2017, I remember seeing these pants on Instagram, and I thought to myself, “who would even buy these?”. Well, someone did and obviously loved it so much that he or she had to flaunt it. it’s definitely one weird fashion trend. Just a heads up, it will take half an hour to tie it all up.

If you want the best of both worlds when it comes to sneakers and jeans, check this pair out. You might just find your new love: –


8) Checkered jumpsuits

Last weird trend on the list for you today is possibly the most bizarre of the lot, checkered jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are extremely comfortable but these are uncomfortable to just look at! The only possible use I can think of this is as a Halloween costume.

Well, if you want to cringe (or be scared), take a look: –


I’m all for trends, especially when it comes to fashion, because I too like to look good and keep up with the newer trends. But we should remember that there’s a bad side to everything. Following trends is great, following them blindly is just being an idiot. Learn your lessons from the pictures here and dress well. Arrivederci.