February 27, 2024
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Best Video Cameras Of 2018

The trendy smartphones nowadays are multipurpose and aren’t limited to making calls as we know. We are all impressed by the technological evolution that has happened in the cameras of the phones too. However, when you actually give it a thought, you will realize that no matter which phone you use, your holiday footage recorded on your phone isn’t going to be as good as the one that can be recorded on a proper video camera.The purpose of buying a video camera can be varied though. You might want to just document your memories on a trip or get one to shoot wildlife specially or might even want to start off as a professional videographer. Whatever be your requirement, we have lined up the best cameras in 2018 for all the varied requirements.


The full package: Panasonic HC-V770 HD Camcorder

If you are looking for a multipurpose camera that can give you the best of all features, you can definitely go for the Panasonic HC-V770 HD Camcorder. It makes the task of recording hassle free and is easy to use for the beginners.



  1. Full-HD slow motion video capture
  2. 4-drive lens
  3. HDR (high dynamic range) video capture
  4. 20x optical zoom
  5. Good quality sound recording system


This camera is thus a full package and comes with add-on features like beautiful filters and also effects. This will be a great choice if you want a camera that excels when an overall performance is considered.

Amateur’s choice: Sony HD Video Recording HDRCX405 Handycam

If one wants a low-quality camera for video recording, one will usually consider using her smartphone instead. This makes manufacturing cameras that provide value for money in the low range quite challenging. Yet companies like Sony have been in the market long enough to live up to the challenge.

So if you are just starting off as a beginner, this camera will give you all you need. This can also make up a great camera for teenagers who aren’t very well acquainted with the general use of cameras.



  1. Full HD shooting
  2. Image stabilization
  3. 2.7-inch clear LCD display
  4. Smart Auto mode

Best for Zooming: Canon VIXIA HF R82

The quality of your footage is deeply compromised when you try to zoom in further. This can be your experience while you are on an exotic vacation and you spot a bird whose name you don’t really know or while you are watching a match of your favorite cricket team and your favorite player is fielding on your side of the ground. All of your requirements to zoom in will be taken care of by the  57x optical zoom range provided by the Canon VIXIA HF R82.



  1. Optical image stabilization
  2. 32 GB internal memory
  3. High-resolution screen
  4. LCD touchscreen


Cool on a budget: Besteker HD Camcorder

This camera is too good a deal to be true. This makes it the No. 1 Best Seller in Amazon’s camera for video recording category. This makes it very affordable to have your own HD recorder. It not only has a great list of specifications but also a variety of feature that makes it convenient to use this model. The camera is very lightweight and easy to carry around. It will be accompanied by a bag that makes it hassle-free to take this camera along wherever you want to.



  1. 24MP CMOS sensor
  2. 270-degree rotating LCD screen
  3. Anti-shake
  4. Shoot 3 hours of continuous footage.


Ideal for Filmmaking: Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD Camcorder

If you want to go professional about making films you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the video anywhere. This camera will help you get a stunning 4K Ultra HD recording that will not fail to impress. The only drawback this camera has is the lifetime of the battery which will last for about 2 hours of continuous shooting.  Apart from that, the incredible features that it offers include:


  1. Adjustable viewfinder
  2. Easy to shoot in bright light
  3. Shoot in 4K at 30fps
  4. 3-inch touchscreen LCD display