July 3, 2022

Poses for Portfolio

Whether you are an aspiring model who is looking forward to shooting a great portfolio or a photographer for the same, it becomes very important for you to study the art of posing.
Your pose will shape the look of your portfolio and it can thus make you or break you.We will help you find the right pose for the right time and also show you how to master these poses.

We will be going through the basics of the poses. Even though these basics are already seen in lookbooks, brochures, and online stores, they still are the classics and work really well with the given requirements of the shoot. These poses are usually quick and easy.

You can spice the basic ones by looking in different directions like: Into the lens

Over the photographer’s shoulder, 45 degrees to the left or right of the camera, Up or down.

So here are the basic poses:

The Seated Pose:

There is a lot of room for versatility with the seated pose. You can express a lot through it. You can express your strength or your vulnerability through this pose depending on what you want.

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A few things to keep in mind while trying to make this pose a success would be: be aware of the direction of the camera, the direction of your arms and legs. Make sure that the light is adjusted to fit this pose. Is the seat that you have taken comfortable enough? If not, make sure to make necessary adjustments to make yourself comfortable.

Image Source

The Beauty Pose

This is the kind of the pose that gives a closer look at your face. This would,  in turn, mean that your expressions need to be perfect for this one. It becomes very essential to be in character to feel and express elegantly. So much rides on expression, perfect angle, perfect lighting and perfect makeup and hair.

Image Source

You would want to put in some extra work on your expressions in this pose. Try to use your hands to add to your beauty. Use the shadow by pushing the jaw in different directions. Be careful of shooting from below as chins and nostrils can become too prominent, depending on face shape.

Image Source

Adding your magic

Once you think that you have covered the basic ones, it will be time to try something new and step it up. You can now try poses that you thought were risky before. You can also explore new expressions.

Image Source

You can try the following:

  • “Popping” a hip, elbow, knee or shoulder
  • Squat, crouch, stand on tiptoes.
  • Have a laugh, pull a face or play with your hair.

Image Source

Finally, remember to keep a check on your fingers and your feet. Make sure while you are moving around, your face is normal or in character.

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