May 28, 2022
Fashion Photography in Mumbai

Seascape Photography Tips

Fashion Photography in Mumbai 

The sea can be one of the most beautiful natural wonders. However, she doesn’t lie still and is ever changing. Getting good pictures in such a case becomes a challenge and also a matter of patience. Here are a few tips that you can remember for clicking that best shot you have always wanted.


  1. Patience

The sea has her own mind. She isn’t like a model who will pose while you photograph her. Thus it becomes crucial to take time to understand how the sea works. Only then will you get a shot that would qualify as a good one. The core concept of seascape photography is the natural light and how it affects the scene. The intensity, colour, and direction of light all vary according to the time of the day. Composing your scene at the correct time enables you to get the best shot.


  1. Use a Wide-Angle Lens

The waves aren’t always the subjects of shooting at the sea. You might want to explore the other aspects of the sand, rocks, people on the shore. For these, you can easily use a wide lens to capture a larger portion of the landscape.


  1. Use a Fast Shutter Speed

The waves move extremely fast. Capturing a wave as it curls can thus be a great deal. Always use a camera with a fast shutter speed to capture the wave.A telephoto lens will help you shoot a wave from a distance. With a waterproof housing, you can even be in the water for dramatic or creative photographs.


  1. Capture Movement

Fashion Photography in Mumbai

The smooth feel of the water can be captured by using a long shutter speed. This will make the picture of the water look very gentle and soft. You can set the mode to set the mode to TV or S and use a tripod to mount the camera. Using a slow shutter speed, the camera can choose the correct aperture. After that, you can also use the ND filter.

Being able to capture the movement in the sea will be like capturing the soul and essence of it.


  1. Photograph Lighthouses

Fashion Photography in Mumbai

Lighthouses have something about them. They are liked by everyone and thus make really good subjects for taking pictures. The thing of utmost importance while photographing a lighthouse is a good composition. You can use a slower shutter speed here and try to make the most of the light falling on the lighthouse or coming for it.


  1. Time of the Day

Fashion Photography in Mumbai

The time of the day will decide the background light in your pictures. The morning hues are red. This will turn into a yellow as the day progresses. The shadows will also keep changing their sizes throughout the day. When you create a movement in these pictures, you can add a lot of enhancement to your picture.

Place your camera on the tripod and use a lower shutter speed than normal. This will give a beautiful blur effect. You can also let your camera decide the shutter speed.


  • Necessary apparatus:

Clean cloth: The weather can be perfectly normal. There probably won’t be any rain but the grains of sand blowing up to your camera can surely damage it to an extent.

Carry a soft clean cloth to wipe the camera at the end of the shoot along with the other parts.


Lens filter: Keep a lens filter handy to protect the lens from the sand. The sand can scratch the lens and create damage. The filter will help avoid that. Even if the filter gets a little damaged in the process, that won’t be a problem. It is easier to replace the filter as compared to the lens.


Lens cleaning kit: Make sure you are carrying the cleaning kit to get rid of the salt spray. You can always keep the cap of the lens on until you are ready to shoot. This will make the cleaning process easy for you


You can always carry polarizers with you. It is a lot easier than using Photoshop for effects.

Also, always remember that even if there isn’t a lot of drama to capture on a dull day, it would still be a day well spent at the sea.


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