February 27, 2024
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Why Your Pictures Don’t Turn Out the Way You Thought They Will?

Photography is an art where you need to be versed about the camera. It is not only the skills that are going to help you get a great picture but also there should be a passion within you for the art of photography. There are many types of photography like fashion photography, e-commerce photography, wedding photography, food photography, etc. You may wish to specialize in any one of them but what matters before taking up any profession is to know about it right from the basics. Most of the people think that if they have a camera with them, they are one of the best photographers. Well, you may have the best camera in hand and all the necessary equipment but if you don’t know how these things function you are not even near to the best.Why just photography, any field you opt for a profession, you need to start right from the basics of it. Mastering the art of photography starts with the camera. We know, there are many software available out there which can be applied to your pictures after they are shot. But a real photographer is the one who knows all the functions of the camera and techniques used to click a great picture.

Are you the one struggling with the camera? A beginner in the field of photography? Often think that this is not the way I want my picture to look? Not able to click the perfect pictures? Well, you would be glad to know that in this article we will share few essential beginner photography tips that will help you capture the images just the way you think.

Let’s get our basic photography lessons started


Fashion photographers in mumbai

You may be inspired by some of the famous photographers, but that does not mean it is necessary that you follow the genre that they master in. If you are really very passionate about photography, you should just click pictures of what you love it may be anything like a still product, models, nature, food, etc. This will help you learn the art of photography while you are capturing your favorite objects. When you capture something you love, you will never get bored of it and this keeps the fire of learning burning within you. Also, the focus and dedication to learning will be more without getting tired of it.


Fashion photographers in mumbai

Now, as a beginner, you might not know the term but you have actually seen this feature much time on your camera. The grid of nine that you see on your camera screen is known as ‘Rule of Thirds’. You might wonder how is this rule helpful to you and how you can use it? All you have to do is while framing a shot, visually break it down into a grid of nine equal rectangles and just place you object on any of the four intersection points of the rectangle. This will give your shot a Natural look. It is not a difficult rule, but it a good guideline to follow instead of just placing your object off center by default.


Fashion photographers in mumbai

You might use built-in flash as a primary source of light in many situations but let me tell you that you should not do so. As the built-in flash when used in unnecessary situations, only creates a harsh shadow and uncomplimentary look. Now when should you use your built-in flash? The built-in flash is mainly used as a fill flash in a situation where harsh sunlight is casting dark shadows across your entire object. It may also be handy in a place where you have no light and still wish to click a picture but still, it will leave you with unflattering shadows and highlights on your subjects.


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There are times when you click a picture in which your object is on one side of the frame and there is a lot of empty space around it. But this makes your object look smaller relative to the entire picture. All this happens when you zoom out little more than what is actually needed. Because of this, the importance of your object is lost and also it might be confusing for the viewers to recognize which is the actual object in the entire picture. The solution to this to zoom in or move closer to the object.


Fashion photographers in mumbai

Sometimes, you wish to capture a moving object and end up with a blurry image. The only solution to this problem is to match the shutter speed of your camera to the focal length of the lens. For instance, if you are using a 50mm lens you should use a shutter speed of 1/50 seconds or faster to be able to capture handheld images and keep them sharp. Longer lenses are heavier, often difficult to handle and even more difficult to keep steady. So, in this case, making the shutter speed faster helps avoid camera shake.


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In photography, lighting is the most important factor since it dictates the shape, texture, contrast, and shadows in your images. Now, you might wonder what is the golden hour of light? Golden hour of light is nothing but an hour window after sunrise or before sunset. This one hour provides you with much more flattering light produce due to the long shadows and more diffused lights at the golden hour of light. The better lighting you have better pictures you get.

You become successful in any field when you work hard with passion and dedication. All these easy basic tips of photography when practiced with dedication are going to transform you into one of the photographers you were following for inspiration. Your pictures will turn out just the way you thought they will. And you never know, one fine day people will follow you as their inspiration for photography. Also, if you want to know more such tips you can visit here.