February 27, 2024

Tips for the photographer to put at ease during photography

During a shoot, it is necessary for the photographer to make the model feel comfortable. You as a photographer should always be grateful to them. Here are some tips listed below:


  1.  The first thing to do once booking is to make your models understand that relying on the hands of a professional is different than being photographed by a friend and/or acquaintance. Especially if they have never done it before. It is useful to explain well how the position of the lights, the framing, the cut, the composition and the photographer’s experience can make things look very different to how they have been accustomed to seeing it so far. A professional photographer knows how to highlight the most enjoyable things about a person and knows techniques to hide the most obvious defects.


  1.  It will then be necessary to make them unravel (easy if it is a woman), what she likes and what she does not like about her own image but without making her weigh very much by using a lot of tact and discretion and avoiding insisting too much on this subject. It will be enough to know a good part, not all, of those who consider their weaknesses to be able to then pay more attention and try not to highlight them or even to make them appreciate it. It will also be necessary to try to convince them that what they consider to be weak can turn into strengths.


  1.  Before you start taking your customers, you may – of course – feel embarrassed and uncomfortable (it’s always normal) your whole effort should be to be able to distract them by talking about something else and perhaps by making sincere appreciations reiterating your admiration for the “courage” with which they face shooting. Insisting on getting dislocated at the beginning is never easy for anyone. You must try to distract them by trying to make them laugh and highlight all the good sides but … without exaggerating.


  1.  At the end of the photo shoot, it is natural to stop taking a look at the photos you have taken and maybe you may be tempted to correct, even if briefly, some obvious defect of your subject. At this time, it complicates the tension that has loosened and the enthusiasm of having completed your job may make you run the risk of falling into a never-ending whirlwind. I always recommend, at the end of the session, to avoid looking at the images along with who has laid. Better to do this afterward, alone, dedicating yourself to a careful selection, taking care to eliminate the less pleasing and unusable photographs (closed eyes, grimace, blur). You just have to apply a minimum of adjustments before you can show them to the subject, just the little you need to hide the most obvious things. This will avoid infusing insecurity especially if it is a subject that already tends to be discouraged and exaggerated by its defects.


In short, I believe that, without wanting to exaggerate, for a woman or for a man an hour past to take photographs with a sensitive professional photographer and even good can change forever the way to see them and why not, even and maybe a small part of their lives.

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