February 27, 2024

Outdoor Fashion Photography Tips

Fashion photographers have an unsaid fascination for capturing the subjects in the outdoors. At the beginning of their careers, every photographer has a preference for shooting outdoor as it saves the cost of setting up an indoor studio. It has developed a parallel demand in mainstream fashion photography, striking a distinct style in the profession.

A fashion model portfolio contains at least a segment of outdoor photographs, and that appears exotic and unique. To bring out the freshness of the outdoor location along with making it impactful needs prerequisite planning and preparation.

Here are some essential tips of model photography outside a studio that can create a distinction in the fashion portfolios.

  • The first and foremost activity for any outdoor shoot is scouting. It should be considered at the very beginning because an outdoor location is full of possibilities and unpredictability. Proper scouting of the area will ensure more options for beautiful frames and backgrounds. It is suggested that a photographer should go to the location preferably alone or with one assistant maximum to have a complete introspection of the region. It should be done before a day or two rather than on the day of the shoot. Asking the locals can also be beneficial as they can suggest some unknown sites that will provide more appealing aspects of photography.


  • The time plays a very crucial role in the outdoor shoot because the timing of the day will have direct control over the lighting. The kind of light should be determined previously so that it can be synced with style needed for the shoot. It will be helpful as the photographer can directly check the amount of lighting according to the time of the day. This will also determine a fixed schedule as well as the equipment required.


  • After determining the location and the timing, the third important thing is the model. It is advised to have an in-depth conversation with the model. Know their strengths and weakness and try to think of stances and poses that will strike out with their personality. The models should be given a short levy in determining the makeup and costumes, but that should go strictly according to the vision. The model should be appreciated and suggested politely because it is imperative to bring out their inner confidence in the photographs.


  • Working closely with the models, observing the location, and determining the lighting are essential jobs. Apart from it, a photographer should primarily set the camera. According to the light at the time of the shoot and the composition of the frame, the photographer should take call & adjust the aperture, ISO levels, and the shutter speed in such way that it will emphasize all the elements in the frame. Different angels and zoom level should be an experiment because one never knows a photograph can turn into a miracle after editing.

All these efforts will come together if we go back to the beginning. It is while observing the location; the photographer should look for the best sites from where the aesthetics of the place will appeal the most. Some props can also be used if it goes with the composition.  Outdoor photography is at the end of a photography session. One should always remember the basics and should ultimately work to create beautiful photos.