February 27, 2024
Fashion Photographers in mumbai

Top Fashion Photographers In Mumbai 2021

“Skill in photography is acquired by practice, not by purchase.”

~ Percy W. Harris


Photography, the pinnacle of creativity, and as I consider it, the acquaintance of artistry has brought about a drastic change in the present-day world. So be it the media, prints, websites, and many others, and all rely on photographs and images as their source of entertainment and knowledge. But, anyhow, what brings out the true essence and magnificence of fashion is the art of picture-taking.

For decades now, beauty in the most minute of articles has been presented via photographs. Consequently, the fashion industry does not hold back. Thereby have fashion photographers become the painters of the gloriously made art that is fashion.

I can recall memories from ever since I was a child when seeing glamorous pictures of extensively attractive pieces on breath-taking models shook me. Indeed, I have to hustle up to date to digest how the elegance and beauty of something so delicate & magnificent can be portrayed on a sheet of paper in the magazine or on a television screen. But, deservingly, the credit goes to the fashion photographers.

Those who know how to make the camera make the watcher feel the design or the embroidery or the pattern on the textile without possessing it. Those who acknowledge precisely when to click and how much of a difference a click could make. They are who define the term ‘fashion photographers’.

As competition increases, the fashion photography world introduces new, learned and skilful shutterbugs every day. Yet, only a few make it to the top.

The city of lights has been the hub for fashion, dressing, Bollywood and competitiveness. Here have risen a few conquerors of the fashion photography market, such as:

Fashion Photographers in Mumbai

Website:- https://fashionphotographersmumbai.com

While standing amongst the best in India, the Mumbai-based photograph association is one of the top shots in Mumbai.

Hired by popular names on multiple occasions, the firm rose to fame rapidly due to their determined efforts and intrigue clicking style. Be it the idea of contrasting colours or utilizing natural effects, and they know it all! With a squad of skilful, talented young shutterbugs, FashionPhotographersmumbai.com is one of the conquerors in the fashion photography realm in Mumbai.

Popularized by celebrities such as Kiara Advani, Jahanvi Kapoor, amidst other famed names, they all reach out to the same corporation for all their fashion photography needs.

Not just the bit, but they are also professionalized in portfolio making and bikini photography.

 The Dabboo Ratnani Co.

Website:- https://www.dabbooratnani.com

Dabboo Ratnani, the elite Indian fashion photographer and the claimed ‘face’ of Indian fashion photography, is famed internationally. His exquisite knowledge of fashion and designing plays a great asset in his sense of fashion clicking and have popularized him enough to have him a brand of his possession.

The Dabboo Ratnani Co., boasted by Dabboo Ratnani, developed gradually. At the same time, the evergreen Bollywood fashion photographer established himself and raised the bar drastically in the Indian fashion photography genre within a decade.

The association has served magazines such as Elle, GQ, and Vogue, amongst many well-known names. While talking of the same, the firm has clicked extensively eminent personalities, such as Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, etc. 

A Rajani Photography

Website:- https://www.a-rrajani.com

Located in the west of Maharastra’s capital, the ‘A Rajani Photography’, coined by the owner – A. Rajani himself, is a professional fashion, portfolio, celebrity, and advertising photography associations.

One of the leading fashion photography brands nationwide, the association has served fashion designers and numerous amenities, namely: Tarun Tahiliani, Azeem Khan, and Van Heusen.

Sets In The City


Another successful and classy Indian startup, famed for their efficiency, accuracy and magnificent and unreal deliveries. 

As their name suggests, the firm has the most beautiful sets all around Mumbai for all sorts of catalogue shoots and fashion photography.

Led by a team of young, talented photographers, Sets In The City is one of the leading fashion photography brands across the country.

Famed for its beautiful sets, the association is popularized for how realistic the sets are. That is one of the prime assets of what makes the firm so dependable and resourceful to present real beauty.

Tarun Khiwal

Website :- http://www.tarunkhiwal.com

Tarun Khiwal has been a leading Indian fashion photographer for above a year. Claimed as one of the greatest photographers Indian photography has ever witnessed, Khiwal has quite a firm hand over the Indian film making and photography industry. 

Khiwal has gained international recognition over the past few years and has shown outstanding outcomes to Indian fashion photographers and those residing abroad.

Tarun Khiwal’s unique styles, patterns and formats of clicking and editing have attracted a large audience fond of his aesthetic. However, one of his greatest assets is acknowledging just the appropriate necessities conditions to make Indian tradition intertwine with western fashion and brings out the utter essence of the same.

 Jatin Kampani

Work :- https://www.vervemagazine.in/tag/jatin-kampani

Ever since his childhood, Kampani had been an enthusiastic photographer clicking every sight he saw. Like the very few who gather up the guts to pursue their dream career, he graduated to become a professional photographer in 1996.

In the past decade, he rose to fame rapidly. His credibility and unique delivery became his greatest asset getting him numerous laurels in the fashion photography industry, such as the ‘Best Photographer of The Year’. 

Kampani was the first Indian photographer whose work was selected to be on the cover of the ‘Lurzer’s Archive’.

Another Mumbai resident, Kampani, has worked with renowned magazines like Elle, Femina, and GQ, amongst other famed names.

The prime reason he was popularized rapidly was how he introduces western-style photography, making his clicks incomparable to anybody else’s.

Conclusively, I believe that it is safe to utter that for one to trust a Mumbai fashion photographer would not fail you. Looking at their laurels, records and performances, the stated famed fashion shutterbugs have set the bar for the fashion photography industry and brands extensively high.

Their struggle to success has paid them off well, making them the best of the best and, as I’d term them, the rulers of the fashion photography industry nationally.

While speaking of the same, these firms and photographers have graced the globe with their stunning international captures as well while rationally residing on the summit of the Indian fashion photography industry.

“Fashion is the opposite of the real, its worst enemy. Fashion photography is subversive; it makes you believe everything is true, whereas this could not be more false. It is the opposite of a mirror, a deformation.”

~Patrick Demarchelier