April 19, 2024

How To Shoot Street Fashion Photography?

Shoot Street Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is something that is continuously evolving to a new level daily. The art of street fashion photography is developing as well. Most of the fashion pictures were initially shot indoors in photo studios. It evolved from indoor fashion photoshoots to outdoor fashion photoshoots throughout time.

Street fashion photography has recently been a popular style among world-class fashion photographers. In this post, renowned fashion photographers worldwide offer some beneficial street fashion photography advice. 

 The interesting location that excites you 

Street fashion photography Poses

One of the first things you should decide when arranging an outdoor photo session is the venue. Scout the venue at least once before the shoot day to avoid wasting time on the day of the shoot. So, before you start thinking about how to shoot street fashion photography or where to begin, you need first look for a suitable place.

The most significant area to take street fashion shots is a modest number of pedestrians on the street and a vibrant atmosphere. You will save a lot of time following these guidelines for your next street fashion photoshoot because you have already planned and imagined your frames. 

Right time with light 

Street photoshoot poses female

Once you’ve decided on a place for your fashion photo session, you’ll want to make sure you pick the proper time of day to get the best photos. If you’re looking for the most incredible street fashion photography ideas, the ideal option is to use natural light as the photo’s light source.

Avoid shooting during the peak of the sun, as this will cast harsh shadows on your model’s face. Outdoor photography is best done shortly after sunrise or a few hours before sunset.  

For street fashion photography, open streets provide plenty of natural light. So, for such photographs, natural light is always preferred. On an overcast day, the light would be soft, and the background would have less contrast, depending on the backdrop, but this is all up to you.  

The attractive background behind your subject 

Using an appealing background behind your subject is another excellent approach to accomplish street fashion portrait photography. People are drawn to the image because of its distinctive background. It’s crucial to think about your background for your street fashion photographs ideas.

You’ll need to think about it, imagine it, and then frame it correctly, ensuring that the background and the model’s attire don’t mix. The street is full of interesting walls and graffiti that can be used as a backdrop for street fashion photos. So, take a look around the area, and if something appeals to you, utilize it as a backdrop for your street photography. 

Street Photography Tips 

Street Photography Tips 

Good compositions 

On the other hand, image composition is the most effective approach to entice folks to look at the photo you’ve taken. You can draw people’s attention to your image by using a well-crafted composition. The goal of image composition is to show your image to the individuals seeing it. A well-composed image always generates a lot of interest. There are now various options for composing a decent composition.  

Patterns: Individuals are frequently drawn to patterns and designs. They have an attractive appearance and encourage harmony.  

Patterns & designs can be man-made, such as a series of curves, or natural, such as the petals on a flower on a cloth or kept in front of a prop. Incorporating patterns into your images is always an excellent way to create a fantastic street photography composition.  

Use vibrant clothes 

When there are some brilliant colors in street fashion photographs, it looks stunning. For this style of fashion photography, you must choose the color of your models’ outfits extremely carefully for your street fashion photography ideas while implementing. 

 Dark-colored clothes detract from the vibrancy of your images. As a result, it’s best to wear brightly colored clothes for street-style fashion photography. It is advised that you try to avoid using dark hues. Neon, orange, yellow, royal blue, crimson, and more brilliant colors are available.  

Take enough RAW shots. 

Take the shots in RAW format because shooting fashion in RAW format allows you to catch far more details than shooting in JPEG format, which aids in image retouching during post-processing. 

Camera settings you need 

The most important thing to remember is to always photograph in raw mode. Greater photographic data is stored in the image, giving you more flexibility in post-production. Instead of burst mode, use single-shot mode. However, you can burst when you need to. Do it before you start shooting, not while you’re already in the zone. There is no one-size-fits-all camera setting that will give you the perfect shot.  

 If you snap a photo that is 2-3 stops over/underexposed, correcting the exposure in post-production will not provide the same level of detail as correct exposure.  

Using a shallow depth of field to divide your subject is an effective way to untangle your synthesis. A tripod is a crucial piece of photographic equipment while shooting street fashion photoshoots in the location.  

It will be much easier to shoot street fashion photography if you utilize a tripod. You may encounter numerous challenges on the street. Holding the camera for an extended period may cause your hands to become fatigued. 

Street Photography Poses 

Capture portrait 

Portrait photography in the street is the most well-known and well-known aspect of photography. Street fashion photographers frequently use portrait photography.  

Changing perspective while taking a picture can be a fantastic method to compose an image. A lower angle aids in the composition of an image with a lot of negative space. You can also photograph your model in various poses. 

 In street portraits, you’ll find more eye-catching images that you can’t imagine how wonderful they are for. 

  1. Flipping Hair 

It’s as simple as flipping your model’s hair. So that you don’t end up with weird facial expressions, ask her to close her eyes. To get sharp photos, make sure you utilize a fast shutter speed. You can use a slower shutter speed to create dreamy portrait photography. Motion blur will result because of this. Although this is a typical female posture, you can still use it in a couple of your shots. 

2. Looking over shoulder 

As she stands or sits, your model should gaze over her shoulder. In portrait photography, this is a fairly common female position. It looks great in practically any setting with the proper lighting. Poses like this instill a sense of self-assurance and superiority in women. 

3. Hands in Hair  

This is a frequent pose for those learning how to pose like a model. It can be used in photoshoots with inexperienced models or test models. It’s straightforward and flattering for all body types. Both hands should be in the model’s hair. She can also elevate her chin slightly to appear more assured. 

4. Baddie Pose 

On social media, this is among the most popular female positions. You may have noticed it on Instagram, where celebrities like Kylie Jenner frequently use it. It may make your portraits look hip and edgy. Squatting is all your model needs to do. She should ideally lean on one leg while stretching the other. This will give her a more balanced appearance and make her appear leaner. 

Take full-body shots 

Aside from portrait street photography, it’s also important to get some full-body shots. This type of fashion photography necessitates a full body shot with a background. 

Full body photography allows you to show a model’s outfit pattern. You can photograph it in a variety of ways. Sitting, standing, crossing one leg, folding two hands, and so on. Focus on the subject, blur out the backdrop, and take the picture as you usually would. Many expert photographers recommend employing simple strategies such as adjusting the lights and exposures during photographic composition and framing, subsequently using various photo editing tools. 

In street fashion photography, there are no scopes 

Lean against a wall or tree 


This is a female position that is both casual and effective. In front of a wall, your model must pose with her spine straight. She should then lean her head against the wall. This must be done subtly so that her neck does not bend too far back. To make this stance stand out, add sunglasses or other accessories. 

Standing with legs crossed 


There are a plethora of standing model postures available. This is a common one that may enhance the appearance of any female model. Request that your model place one foot in front of the other. She can lean on her rear legs and somewhat raise her front limb. 

Hands in pocket  


This is an excellent idea if you want to do some relaxed standing poses. Your model should place her hand in her pockets instead of posing uncomfortably in front of the camera. This will make her appear edgy right away. This type of standing female position is common in lifestyle pictures. You can use it as frequently as you like without your photographs becoming monotonous. 

Hands up in air 

This one is for you if you appreciate dreamy female positions. The model must lift her hands. She has the option of closing her eyes, leaning on an arm, or gazing up at the sky. Make sure her expression seems natural and comfortable. To make your photos look dreamier, photograph against the light. 

Hands-on waist or hip 

This is one of the most self-assured female positions available. One hand should be on the model’s hip. 

The other hand can carry something, such as a drink. To achieve a more calm stance, she can place her free hand on her leg. This stance will draw attention to your model’s curves while also making her appear cool. 

Capture candid and use different fashion poses 

If you capture some candid moments in this style of fashion photography, you’ll get some unexpectedly exciting images. Take candid photos of your model as she is strolling, talking on the phone or with others, looking about, or smiling. You’ll obtain some of the best results by using candid photography. While making portraits, try to get as much candid footage as possible. The importance of the models’ poses in fashion photography is enormous.

In street fashion photography, poses are equally important. You should know certain fashion photography positions for men and women before doing this form of fashion photography. On the street, you can try a variety of stances. Just don’t do the same postures repeatedly. However, experiment with new poses to make the photograph stand out. Capturing the walk 

The model has the option of looking directly at you, directly ahead, or down. In lifestyle portrait photography, this is a typical stance. Concentrate on your model and make sure the focus is locked. Then request that she take a few steps forward. Move with her to ensure that all your photographs are clear. 

Playing with a scarf 

This can be used to draw attention to the color of your model’s eyes. She only needs to hide behind a scarf or a brightly colored piece of fabric. It should, ideally, match her skin complexion and eye color. Using a zoom lens, you may make this model posing method more comfortable for your model. This way, you won’t be too near to her, and she’ll have enough room to try out different faces. 

You could have the best camera and lens in the world, but if you can’t capture decent expressions and body language for your street fashion photoshoots, your images will fall flat.

One of these is street photography. Street photography is both enjoyable and demanding. These street fashion photography tips and ideas will also help you become a professional photographer. Apply these excellent and beneficial tips to your fashion photography and deliver great fashion photography on the street.