July 21, 2024

Tips to Boost Your Confidence in Your Photography

All artistic people suffer peaks and troughs with their confidence. It’s just part of the deal. How, then, do you pull yourself out of a dip in confidence and into a place of awesome, creative inspiration?

  • Stop focusing on what you can’t do

While it is super important to know where you have weakness so that you can improve, don’t focus on it.

Our mind runs behind what we can’t and doesn’t do. So we have to improve ourselves and do what we know very well.

Look at your photos which are captured before and think of all things you do well, all the compliments that people have said about them and last things you like about them.

When you are feeling good about your creativity, you’ll be so much more open when you go out and shoot. You’ll be less focused on yourself and a lot more focused on the world. That’s the right way to be, not thinking about you, but engaged and connected with the world around you. That’s when you’ll discover awesome shots.

  1. We all have a story to share

So many people often think that they don’t have anything new or interesting to add to the world because it’s already been said and done. This is completely wrong. Every single person has a unique story, a unique way of thinking, a unique way of looking at things irrespective of how it is expressed- through writing, photography, music etc.

The more you hone in what makes your inspiration explode, the more your ideas, your stories, your photos will be unique and interesting to others.

We the Fashion Photographers always encourage picking one subject that you are passionate about and really work on developing that until you start getting photos you really like. When you pick something and go deep you start becoming familiar with your subject. By working different ways of shooting that subject, you are definitely in with an opportunity to develop something unique.

  1. Kill perfectionism

Never try to be perfect at your first attempt or even the further attempts.

When you think of becoming a perfectionist, you stop doing and start analyzing too much. You strive to find perfectionism in each and every angle rather than being satisfied with what you have in front of you.

Getting on track and giving your best but not expecting perfectionism is the best way to move your energy and start taking better photos.

  1. Photography is a journey

We are all on a journey with our creativity, we are developing at different rates and we all doing it in different ways.

Don’t hurry into the process, enjoy it!

  1. Keep going

Continue with what you are doing. Go out and take photos whenever your mood lightens up.

Keep going, you never know what will appear around the next corner.

  1. Do it now – often, later becomes never

It’s so easy to get lost in our minds and our ways of not believing in ourselves.  The source of procrastination is usually a lack of belief in our skills.

Don’t waste your time on ideas of that you are lacking. You can do extraordinary things – we all can. We are creators, makers, forging new ideas out of nothing all of the time.

Most importantly – have fun!

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