February 27, 2024


Being cheerful with our photography and with ourselves as photographers starts with building good habits. There are various solutions to keep our life happy. The same goes for the one who is into photography. Fashion Photography should be a relaxed, cheerful and happy outlet that gives you joy. Try to integrate these 7 habits into your every day to help you become happier with your photography.

Carry Your Camera Regularly

If you are a photographer, you should never ever forget to carry your camera. Happy photographers have the habit of carrying their camera regularly with them, just like every man carry their wallet or cell phone without fail. Having your camera with you ensures that you capture moments as they happen and decrease the amount of times you feel regretful over missing a photography opportunity.

Have a Photography Style

Happy photographer has his unique style of photography. This is one of the most important aspects of the happy photographer.The one who have their unique style are more focussed and successful photographers. This gives you the clear direction of the photography.

Say No

Learn to say no for the opportunities that are not for you. You know your style best. So only follow your own photography style. Happy photographers are not at all afraid to say no when asked to photograph something because that is not their passion. Happy photographers save their energy and attention for the opportunities that inspire them, and say no to the rest.

Put Down Their Camera

Just as it is very essential to carry your camera, it is also important to set it down and walk away for a bit. Happy photographers make a habit out of putting their camera down from time to time to regroup and take a break. Once they pick up their camera again, they are once again energized and inspired.

Constantly Work on A Photography Project

Having a photography project is more than just learning to pick up your camera; it is about giving you focus. Happy photographers are constantly partaking in photography projects, whether big or small. Some photography projects last an entire year, while others only last one afternoon. Having a photography project gives you direction and motivation to work towards something, while perfecting your skill.

Share Their Images Somewhere

Whether it is a blog, Instagram, or Facebook, happy photographers have a platform where they share their images. Having a place to share your images is extremely important as it gives you a platform to share your pride with your passion. It gives others a place to look at and comment on your work, which further inspires and helps you to grow as a photographer. Don’t discount the power of recognition, it can be very encouraging.

Have A Photography Mentor

Happy photographers always have someone to mentor them.  There should be someone to point out their strengths and identify their weaknesses. One very important habit of happy photographers is their focus to constantly learn. Having a photography mentor can help to show the path when it comes to where you need to focus your attention when it comes to furthering your education and practice.

If there is one thing these 7 things have in common, it’s that happy photographers make a habit of putting themselves first. For many of us, that is a hard thing to do. But when it comes to your photography, you deserve to have an outlet that puts you first. By beginning to incorporate these 7 habits into your life, you are bound to become happier with your photography.


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