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Creating an aesthetically perfect Display Picture (DP) is more than just a hobby these days. For some, it’s a lifestyle, for others their entire career. With social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. around there are enormous themes that one can apply to their feeds. With all these features and editing options available, many get confused or are not able to meet their expectations when coming with a profile picture.

Being very frank on the content of this article, it is meant for all you people who find it difficult and even those happy with their DPs, as you might not know something new which might trigger you while going through the content. Thus, let’s use this quarantine to our favor by updating our Profile picture with the perfect photos.

Profile Tips: How to get the perfect shoot for your DP?

Bring in photos of yourself


Pretty obvious or simple to start with, always try uploading or using your own photos. Your followers want to know you’re a real person or just a bot. A profile picture with avatar, flower, sunset leads one to assume you be a boring person who is less confident about his looks, which obviously you’re not!

If not, let your DP include you- along with say, your friends, pet, etc. These small additions to your DP bring in life to your profile.

Use a pro photographer


This option is more relevant to those who are serious about their social media marketing. If not using this option for all the shoots, even a part-time photographer would do. As hiring professionals not just adds quality to your picture but with continuous inspection of their uploads or edits one can learn for themselves. The difference between professional and amateur work is very huge. Thus, don’t miss this opportunity to learn and enhance your shooting skills.

Feedback from Online Tools

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Again if you are thinking professionally, getting feedback from online platforms or tools like PhotoFeeler is very effective. Here there is no human, through AI-controlled platforms, one can find ways to improve. It is an outstanding tool to share and receive an opinion on your profile. It has different categories including Business, dating, Social photos and various other traits for you to test on.

However, using professional photography here too comes in handy for you. As working with the best of people with tons of working experience in photography would always be by your side. Find below a sample of the photo testing provided by Photo feeler:

Use contrasting colours

With the social streams moving at their own pace, one of the various ways to stand out includes – bringing in variety of colours to your photo. When the colours contrast with the other colours around them, they stand out.

Try going different from the colour used in the sites. For example:


Facebook / LinkedIn/ Twitter have all blue around throughout their websites. Thus, having a profile with more of complimenting colour to blue like orange, red, etc. would be a good option. This will immediately make you more visible. 

Keep the Frame filled

Leaving the frame empty or unfilled leads to reducing the size of your DP area. What I meant is when people are scrolling through their feeds, your picture will show up as a tiny circle to the left or right depending on the sites. As the area allotted to profile picture is very small, it is very important for you to use each and every pixel efficiently. You needn’t worry about the background, be sure to fill the frame and not keeping a small-sized picture of yours as your DP.

A simple smile!


Just a smile and you’re done. If you smile on your profile picture, it will increase sympathy with your followers and also give a friendly vibe. Giving a smile with your teeth shown in the DP has been scientifically found leading to a more influential, positive, competent photo.

Note: Even a small smile or happiness expression would do but never click with a serious face or frowning face.

Natural lightening and Outdoor photos

Head out for your profile photo clicks and try using soft, natural lightening as it will lead to a more flattering portrait. Natural light always has its advantages. It forms a connection between the nature and your image, making it pleasant to view.

Keep your profile coherent with your brand.

The kind of attention you are seeking will be obviously different based on your content. If using from business point of view, a profile picture should reflect the heart and soul of your brand! For example:

If you are a travelling based account, the pictures should be more focused on an adventure, shoots of someone paragliding, swimming underwater, the background of a beautiful mount, etc.


For fashion blogging, it can include a photo of you wearing the latest trend with a glamorous background.

Tools of the trade


Once you have decided about the picture, it is time to get creative. Bring in awareness about various photo-editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop action, etc.

Try not to over flood your DP with edits. Using them efficiently would help your profile come out pretty effectively. Some of the famous photographic effects include- Lomography, sketch, etc. All these filter and effects lead your profile to another level.

Be consistent

A rule of thumb not to be forgotten and touched on by many is consistency. Because followers and friends will be looking out for your face first, it is important you to find a photo that works. Try updating your photos in a consistent manner and not irregularly i.e. uploading four to five DP in a day, removing them and placing a new one, etc. It makes one get a feel of joblessness from you. Coming up with good and eye-catchy photos is the best we can think of but don’t let small daily updates spoil your sport. Don’t be too frequent with your updates but have gaps between them.

Don’t forget to share and give your comments. I shall take my leave now!

Happy Editing!


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