February 27, 2024

Get The Best Silhouettes

Fashion photography is an experimental type of photography. There is a lot to experiment and explore. Usual fashion photography is all classy and fashionable but have you ever thought of doing a fashion silhouette photography? Picturing your models during sunrise and sunset? Highlight the beautiful body of your models? Interesting right?

Silhouette photography is something where you don’t focus on the object but focus on the light behind the object. This gives you a mesmerizing picture, highlighting your object in black color. Finding it all difficult? Not to worry when you go through our guidelines, you will have a clear idea of what to do and what not to do.

Let’s check out some secret tips to get the best silhouettes


When you have people as your object for silhouette photography, styling plays an important role. How you style their clothes, What accessories they wear, how they style their hair or what props they have everything matters.

Your model should wear tight clothes, not skin tight. Just normal fitting that highlights their body well. Because baggy and balloon-like fabric would spoil the whole silhouette.

When you have models with long hairs, keep a check on the photography angle you choose. If it is a profile shot, put her hairs away from the face, pulling it behind a bit or style it in hairstyles like a ponytail or similar one. If you opt for a head-on shot, you can let hair down but also ensure to focus on the ear and hair accessories.



In silhouette photography, the pose which your model carry counts a lot. The important aspect is the light coming from behind of the object and how the object interacts with the light.

The source of light can be in any form like the sunlight, electric lighting, moonlight, etc. As a photographer, it is in your hand that you keep the expressions and emotions depicted by the models in mind and still get the best silhouette.



Mind your exposure while capturing silhouettes. When using a phone camera, the only thing you can work on is focussing on the background while clicking rather than the foreground. Or what you can do is edit the pictures after clicking.

When you shoot with a digital camera you have many options to play around with the settings. You may need to try out different settings as the light in your surrounding may vary due to the climatic changes. Make sure you try the different exposures and set a perfect one before getting into action.



Usually, photographers opt for the sunrise or sunset but, even the daytime silhouettes are amazing. The daytime silhouettes should be shot during the middle of the day. A black lit object with the sun behind it will give you an interesting silhouette.

The models are great objects for the daytime silhouette. Also, the nature silhouettes can be captured perfectly during the day.  Give it a shot, try out the daytime silhouette photography.

Silhouette photography is a great option to play with all the posing and background lights. Try this interesting style of photography..

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