April 19, 2024
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Tips for Newbie Photographer

When you are a beginner in photography field, it is very much confusing to set the dials and menu settings. Setting your camera to auto mode is not a bad way, but if you will get to know about some technicalities regarding camera settings like ISO, Shutter speed, focus and aperture you will really enjoy your clicks on manual mode. Picking up the best and right settings is not much difficult as you think. Here are some Setting tips that will help you in your clicks.


  • Aperture

It’s difficult to start with manual mode. Rather than you  can start with Aperture Priority Mode(A or Av). In this mode you just need to set the aperture while the shutter speed will be adjusted by camera automatically according to the exposure that is not too light or dark. Different aperture need to be set for different shoots. For example, if you want to shoot a moving object or you are doing portrait shooting then aperture of f/5.6 is suggested. f/11 is a good choice for creative images and landscapes. The reason behind to choose f/11 is that it will help you to achieve good depth of field. Small apertures are used for deep area of focus while large apertures are used to take narrow band of focus.

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  • ISO

ISO is generally used for light sensitivity photography. Higher the ISO, the more is sensor sensitive to light. It can be creatively used as it can produce noise and dots of colors and lights in your image. The most commonly ISO used is ISO 400. This sensor sensitivity is handled by all modern camera very well.

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  • Focus

In auto mode you will not be given freedom to choose which part of your photo should be focus on. In manual mode it’s upon you where your focus should be. Mostly the focus is set manually by keypad or joystick on back side of your camera.

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  • Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is usually adjusted to get sharp blur free image which happens due to movement of object. For stationary objects shutter speed of 1/25s to 1/500 is generally recommended. But for moving object the shutter speed should be in between 1/500 to 1/1000 or greater than this.

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So enjoy with these basic tips for your new start of photography career.

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