May 28, 2022

How to do an Editorial Fashion Photography Spread Part 3

How to do an Editorial Fashion Photography Spread Part 3

Now for a fashion photographer, if everything is done right from the stylish to the pack up, there is post shoot still pending for a photographer. They have to take the pictures from the camera roll and then give them to the editor to get the final pictures and so on. It just doesn’t end with capturing photographs.



So after the shooting process, there comes the post shoot processing. After completion of taking shots, you will need to process the shots from raw files to tiff files. The color temperature, exposure compensation and contrast are some of the processes that take place at this stage.

It is very common that the fashion photographer hands over the files to the editor/re-touchers so that they can process them. However, it is important that the photographer contributes in all the processes as it will guarantee the best results.


Professional re-touchers i.e. the editors and graphic designers will carry out the final processes that are required for the magazine.

Page Layout

The arrangement, sequence and the layout of the photo shoot will be decided by the page designer and the editor but the involvement of the photographer is very important as it ensures that his/her thinking comes across.

Do not fail to recall that a fashion photography spread is a partnership or collaboration with many people. It is team work and the photographer, although he plays an important part in it, depends on many people.

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