May 28, 2022

Fashion Photography – How to Do an Editorial Fashion Photography Spread Part 2


In last part, we wrote about pre shoot of editorial fashion photography. Now it is the time for the shoot.

Time Schedule

For the shoot, there will be some time schedule. Make sure that you inform each and every one about the time schedule of the entire day. Plan the shoot according to the time schedule. The best formula to deal with the day of a shoot is by working backward. Once you know the exact time of the shoot and when the shoot will finish, then you work out exactly the time it takes to pack up everything.

So now if you know the exact time you need to start packing which means you know the time when you take the last photograph, so you see how long it will take to photograph everything, and repeat the same step in the backward sequence until you reach the arrival at the location. Also, imagine some obstacles that may occur during the shoot which might consume your time.

The very first task is to be done is the make-up and hair on the model because they are time-consuming and complex. So if you feel like the make-up and hair will take more time, it is better to start earlier as per the time required. Then put on the outfits one by one and pack up.

Art Direction

There is usually one set of clothes outfit per page. So for an 8 page (either single page or double page) fashion photography banquet, normally requires eight set of outfits and one different location per outfit. This is the normal practice but it varies depending on the requirements and circumstances.

While taking the photograph, you have to look at the clothes, the location, the model, the lighting and organize all these variables for to your liking. Ask the stylist, make-up artist and hair stylist to look at their particular area and make sure that the model looks her best while the photograph is being taken. I normally look at the model’s face for the expression that I want, so it is difficult to keep an eye on everything else, such as the clothes not tuck in properly or the hair style has gone off. It is important to have your crew focused on their job, even after they have made the model up.

Model Direction

The model has a countless number of body movements, poses, and facial expression. You have to direct the model to the brief. A photographer’s job is not just to get the best look or pose of the model, but also something unique to the concept at play or to guide the model through a journey, where the feelings and emotions related to the brief are explored. Often, you may not have much time to get to know your model, so you need to find out very quickly what they are like, such as their fears and likes, their attitude towards their work and modeling in general. It is your job to then work from that and guide them to their potential in terms of acting and modeling.


Keep the crew notified about the time schedule and softly push them to finish their task. Everyone must have a deadline as to when their task must be finished. Make sure that everyone has a good environment to work with and your attitude must set the atmosphere for the set.

The set could be jam. There is the entire team, with the addition to the clothes’ designer, friends, family, agents, passersby, etc. might decide to come by the set at one time or another. It is your task to keep the shoot progressing in an orderly manner.

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