April 19, 2024
Fashion Trends 2019


Fashion trends are constantly evolving popular styles that are adored and appreciated by people all over the world. They help you break out from your usual pattern and give you a fresher perspective in style. These popular styles are noticed by a handful of keen observers, which then later becomes a viral phenomenon. Trendsetters are usually influencers or celebrities who do not conform to a particular style and are always ready to experiment. Not every style becomes a trend. Fashion trends are changing every year and almost every season. They include not just apparels, but also sneakers and accessories. Virality is the core of any trend.  An outfit is considered complete and trendy when all elements of your look complement each other and make it all look seamless. We have specifically curated trendy and suave trends from around the globe, through social media and celebrity spotting. We give you a finer look into the top widely accepted fashion trends which make a statement and can be a part of anyone’s wardrobe. 

  • Bags are a cool accessory for anyone. Tote bags for women and sling bags for men have been increasing in demand. Bamboo bags have been in fashion very recently due to their exquisite patterns and interesting appearance. Small handbags are also popular in women’s accessories. These tiny bags can hold up to one Airpod or a mobile phone only, but the charm of the product lies in its absurdity. For men on the other hand, sling bags in the shape and style of a “fanny pack” have become the next big thing. They are usually slung across your body and hold quite a few number of items. They come in various sizes and colours to match your outfit. 
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  • Printed pants are really eye-catching and go well for women who can pull off the bold look. Animal prints are the most common and give your plain ensemble a vivid splash of colour and design. Women also go for plaid trousers with check patterns or African prints, which often make a bold statement. For men, light-washed denims with patches or distressed designs on them have been in fad for quite a long time, and this year, they have made a return. They go well with plain tees, shirts (dark or light), jackets, hoodies; almost anything that you can imagine. Pair them up smart-looking footwear and you have yourself an outfit that you can pull off almost anywhere.
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  • Animal prints are highly fashionable and with the right match, they can bring lot of vigour to your style. Women can bring their wild side to the street style with loud leopard prints or classy snakeskin prints. Strong and bold designs  match well with such prints and can be worn for events, parties, etc. men have been rocking the camouflage or military print for quite a while now, and have become a style statement in the year 2019. This classy print can be seen on joggers, t-shirts as well as jackets. Camo has become a necessary item to have in your wardrobe and look good on everyone. 
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  • Athleisure wear is the most sought after in terms of street style for men and women. They are comfortable and compatible for all seasons. It gives a sporty or relaxed look depending on your entire outfit and can be mismatched for various occasions. Lot of women have been seen wearing bikers shorts or ankle-length jeggings in the past year, which gave rise to a new trend of these clothing items and have been really popular. Joggers are a trendy entire to include in your outfit, be it male or female. Men prefer joggers as they really easy to carry off and they’re extremely comfortable. Jogger and biker shorts are the trendiest leisure wear in market right now. 
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  • Autumn is here and winter is soon approaching. We need winter worthy clothes to survive this season. The season of jackets hoodies are here. Since we are conscious of our style choices, bomber jackets would be the most apt fit for any attire in the coming season. Since their introduction, bomber jackets have risen to immense popularity because of their tactical usage and suave style. Bomber jackets for both men and women are really a graceful addition to your wardrobe. 
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  • Last but never the least, statement sneakers are a compulsory addition. Chunky sneakers are incredibly popular now and have a tendency to gather a lot of attention due to their sheer size and colourful looks. Luxury brand Balenciaga has been at the forefront of such statement sneakers and have amassed incredible popularity after the release of their Triple S series which received a lot of flak but much more appreciation. Consider buying sneakers that go with both sporty and semi-formal attire and can come in handy for everyday use. They look good on both men and women. You can choose bright and vivid colours or simply go for plain coloured sneakers, whichever compliments your style and outfit. 
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