July 20, 2024
fashion phtotography in mumbai

Difference Between Glamour and Fashion Photography

fashion phtotography in mumbai

Photography is about capturing real life beauty in inanimate media forms with the help of camera. Technically cameras serve as a bridge between transformation of multidimensional reality into boundaries of an image or photograph. There is no dearth of categories into which photography can be classified. There can be wildlife photography, fashion photography, product photography and so many more. You just name it and you have the type of photography particularly prescribed for that category or genre. Photography genre where real people are involved is a very dynamic one. You have so many scenarios, countless possibilities, varied emotions, physical features, locations and what not. Every single entity involved has no specified behaviour, making it all the more complicated to understand and categorise. Two of the most popular types of such dynamic photography involving real people is glamour and fashion photography. But aren’t they same? Fashion and glamour, after all, are correlated. What differentiates them? How does the process of photography vary in both the situations? Glamour is an obvious supplementary factor associated with the fashion world, but fashion doesn’t always imply glamour. Glamour can also be treated as a by product of fashion in many cases but not always. It is just that we have always seen models and fashion celebrities to be so glamourous that we always link the fashion world with glamour. We’ll now see how photography adapts to both these scenarios and takes a different form while dealing with both the industries, which are so related yet somehow treated entirely in a different manner.

Let us see the subtle differences in both these industries one by one and understand their nuances. This will help you get a perspicacious view of these two industries.


Let us see some of the basic elements associated with Glamour photography,

  • Typical glamour photography consists of head to shoulder shot or portrait shots. Here the emphasis lies on highlighting the physical features, especially facial, of the model.
  • Artistic and other modern photographic effects, like black and white and colourpop etc., are appreciated. Effects which draw the viewer’s attention towards the natural beauty.
  • Here as we have portrait shots, the attention is given to the face of the model or physical features of the model, leaving other elements serve as mere subtleties.
  • These are generally less time consuming as the focus lies on facial makeup and hair. Also, staff requirement is also less demanding with only a photographer, model and makeup artist will suffice for a glamour shoot.
  • There is no need for an outdoor location. It is perfectly shot indoors with simple backgrounds.
  • Here the minimalistic approach overpowers and brings out the creativity of the photographer. With no additional element diverting the attention, glamour shots reflect the relationship or the rapport between the photographer and the model. These serve as an excellent portfolio material.
  • Glamour shoots can be easy on budget. They can be affordable and also really helpful in enhancing your portfolio’s worth.


Now, as we have covered glamour photography, we’ll see the intricacies of the Fashion photography world.

  • These are generally full length body shots. They focus more on the overall outwardly appearance.
  • Fashion shoots typically have elaborate elements. You need makeup, wardrobe, backgrounds, all keeping with the tone of the shoot. Mostly the overall mood is set with all the elements kept in sync with each other, like the background complements the wardrobe, which is in turn brought out by the makeup. So, it’s an interplay of multiple entities.
  • Fashion shoots tend to be more expensive. Here, as we can understand from the previous point, different elements also play an important part. So, you have to have a dress designer, a set designer, a makeup artist, stylist, hairdresser and the photographer. It costs to pay for this entourage.
  • It is always about teamwork. You can’t go with the minimalistic approach here. You need to Shell out more time and money and invest yourself completely to be on the same page with other team members. The photographer needs to understand and also coordinate with the stylist and other artists regarding what goes best in the photograph, what goes well with the model, which colours bring out the desired mood etc.
  • Fashion shoots can be indoors or outdoors on location. This depends on the preference put forward by the clients. Locations such as beaches, parks, resorts, hill stations etc. are much preferred for fashion shoots. Even indoor fashion shoots need to have really outstanding backgrounds which go well with the context of the entire shoot.
  • As the number of team players and elements increase, so does the budget. Fashion shoots cost more than glamour shoots. Here, apart from for having more staff, you have the expenses related to travel and lodging, in case of on location shoots.


These are some major differences that we observe in the fashion and glamour industries. Both are interlinked yet seem to be poles apart. However, for obvious but generally ignored factors, these two fields are really essential parts of the beauty brigade. These are integral cogs in the wheel of the beauty world. The fashion industry is often interchangeably referred as the glamour industry. It is mostly unintentional because majority of people don’t understand the core of these two separate worlds. Both these worlds are like parallel paths to achieve the same goal, which is to present beauty. One focuses more on giving it a personal touch and the other lets the environment be an important part of its take on beauty. Both of the industries are pillars of the fashion world, in a way. Glamour is essential to create and portray fashion. However, there’s a way around everything now. You can create fashion with the help of glamour and you can have glamour with the help of fashion. There’s a really thin line that differentiates the two, which is the dividing factor between the two genres of photography. This really thin and subtle line is the perception of beauty. Fashion deals with it in outwardly manner whereas glamour is more brooding and inwardly.