May 28, 2022

15 Best Men’s Hairstyle Trends of 2018

Men’s grooming has taken a whole new shape with the evolution of simple haircuts. There are so many versions to be seen which makes the male population go crazy as they have been deprived of this privilege since the beginning. It used to be a small list of hairstyles that were possible. Now that list has developed into a multidimensional matrix, making it really crazy and exciting for guys out there. As the world goes trend crazy, everybody (or most people) ends up with the same hairstyle or similar kinds of hairstyle. Therefore, to make it easy to choose and understand, here is a list of some of the best and the most popular hairstyles for men. Go ahead, rejoice!

  1. Line up mohawk – windy from the sides, this one is a going to be a sure shot winner in the ongoing summer season. The mohawk has been a sign of masculinity since ages. Such upgraded versions are definitely going to attract a lot of people to the trends which were followed way back in history. Mohawks have appeared several times in our past, with Greek soldiers, then football players and now each and every boy next door is enjoying this hairstyle. They used to portray adventurous spirit but now they have found place in almost every household all over the world.
  2. Skin fade undercut – this one gives a gradient look, fading as we go from top of the head towards the ears. This one ends up having cuts of different lengths of hair as we go on the top of the head as compared to the cut on the sides, with the least cutting on the top, thus resulting in a gradient look.
  3. Quiff – the suave look. This hairstyle has takers in the form of perfect gentlemen as it portrays a classy and elegant look. However, it might be high maintenance as to maintain that signature twirl on the top requires serious skills. Still it is the most popular look as it the newest addition to the multidimensional matrix of hairstyles and definitely unique and outright trendy.
  4. Textured haircut – this one also imparts a gradient look, but generally it leaves more bushy or dense hair on the top. The sides are entirely trimmed, leaving a pattern of messy streaks on the top.
  5. African American men haircut – visualise Barack Obama and you have got for yourselves the African American haircut. Simple, short and low maintenance which makes this one really comfortable. Easy to get, easy to go out with, nothing messy, just simple, short hair with clean hairline.
  6. Haircut design – this one is not for the faint hearted. If you are daring enough to get a print or design on your head, go ahead, this one is definitely your cup of tea. It’s time to channelise your creativity on your head as you can portray different patterns in your hair as well. Be it on the sides, on the top, a pattern or a word, anything, you name it and you can have it as a part of your haircut. You can even get it coloured to add that extra oomph. Colouring the pattern would make it stand out and more importantly make you the centre of attention, wherever you go, for sure.
  7. Sharp line up – for that sleek look, sharp hairlines and low maintenance afterwards, opt for sharp line up haircut. Short trims with gel infused straight hair.
  8. Skin fade comb over – this one is unique in terms of a gentle twirl on the front and daring and sharp trim on the sides and at the back. This is similar to a quiff but a slightly smaller version of the latter.
  9. Pompadour – sleek waves on the top and trimmed sides. This one is suitable for all face types and the safest as it doesn’t involve too much trimming, which might be disastrous for some.
  10. Haircut and colour transformation – for the change of scenery, sometimes all we need to do is add a bit of colour to the existing scene. Many men are opting for this option. Those who are apprehensive about getting a different hairstyle altogether might want to go for hair colour. You could have a pattern, texture or uniform colour on your hair to get an entirely different look without even sacrificing your hair.
  11. Faux hawk – it is like getting the look and feel of a mohawk without actually getting one. This haircut is for the ones who play it safe. Similar to a mohawk, faux hawk gives you room for change as it doesn’t involve too much of trimming allowing one to get some other haircut afterwards.
  12. Textured mohawk – this one ends up similar to the mohawk but the process of achieving this haircut is different. The cut involves twirling sections of hair and then cutting giving a bouncy look at the end. Side trims and hairlines are kept sharp with this haircut.
  13. Clean design – getting pattern on one of the sides, with the other side trimmed entirely. The pattern is highlighted with the use of colours to enhance the overall look.
  14. Classic haircut – definitely the most number of takers for this one, particularly the middle aged group. This one is a winner for the working, daily routine follower kind of a guy. Especially considering the situation in India, where most people are unaware of the ongoing trends, they simply opt for the clean and classic haircut, which involves cutting hair in the required amount leaving sideburns and other areas intact and just trimming the extra length of the hair.
  15. Line up skin fade – this one belongs to the high maintenance category. This haircut involves having sleek streaks on the top and clean trimming on the sides.


Hope all of these haircuts will give you some serious goals to consider and help you move o to a new and trendy haircut.

We can tell that men’s grooming has gone to a whole new level with the advent of so many options, possibilities of showing creativity, artistic choices etc. There are endless scenarios having the room for improvisations. Many people have made a strong career out of it. Earlier it was limited to women only but now we are living in a gender neutral world. So, why should girls have all the fun?!

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