May 28, 2022

How to Plan a Street Photography Shoot When Traveling

How to Plan a Street Photography Shoot When Traveling

Street photography is usually a very exposed and it is a free-form photography genre, but sometimes because we are traveling for photography; it’s better to plan a shoot rather than depending on luck.


Some days before you go for a shoot you will need a few apps and tools.

First thing is an offline map, Google Maps allows you to save chunks of the map but there are some areas which are off limits. You have to find and download the apps that have offline maps from the get-go and download the map of the area where you are going.

The second app you will require is called the Photographers Ephemeris (iOS / Android). This app is created for landscape shooters and it is also beneficial for street photographers just as it allows you to know where and when the sun will rise and set. It also tells you what to expect in terms of light. It is a paid application; otherwise, you can get that information for free online.

This is very beneficial information that you can use to estimate what camera or lens you may require also.

Planning your shoot

Whenever you are going for a short period shoot like 2 or 3 days, make a proper plan so that you save time as much as possible.

Check the weather

Never ever miss this step as it might take you at a risk! It may sound a little bit stupid but this does not only allows you to plan further and might tell you to bring extra protective gear. We as fashion photographers usually check the day before because the weather is very unpredictable and the forecast can change quickly.

What are your numbers?

You need to know your timetable. It is all you’re your arriving and departing time. You should set an alarm and reminders for each and everything you want to perform.

Setting an alarm and reminders provides you the freedom to shoot because it will tell you precisely when to start and when to stop, and you do not have to concern about it. When traveling you have no familiar behaviors so the alarms get you grounded.

Consider your arrival time

The other reason for knowing your numbers defines what you can expect. Let’s consider that sunset is at 7 pm and sunrise at 7 am. If you are arriving at 8 pm you would know that you will arrive at night. So if you want to shoot the morning light, you need to wake up before 7 am and you know that you will miss the sunset. This type of information will tell you what kind of light you can anticipate.

Use your gathered information wisely

It takes a handful of experience but after a while, you start to know what to expect with all the information collected. During the sunrise, you know what direction to be in to shoot the sun or have it at your back. You must collect information and know the timings of opening the stores and people go to work. Knowing where you are going will support your expectations


Don’t exhibit your camera if you know you are going anywhere and there are lots of pick-pockets. You have to be very careful not to harm the camera, but some tape is perfect to uglify the camera. And as much as you can, avoid backpacks and bags that scream “camera bag”. It immediately flags you as having a camera.

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