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Looking to get in the modelling world ? But did you get you portfolio done by a professional agency ? If you did not, then get it done now. A photography is the first impression that a prospective employer will have about you and if you do not have the right photography or portfolio, then chances of your success come down drastically. To know more call us

Trends that were cool in 2016 but not in 2017

Trends come and go but style lasts forever! Every season we can see new trends on the runway, and most of them are a desire for a girls closet. Most of the times we see trends that come back from the 70’s and 80’s and we just love them! 2016 was a year with trends such as velvet, […]

Top 7 Types of Sarees Worn Across India

India is a country with diverse culture. Each region has its own specialty in their outfits. And Saree is one of the outfits with which we all have an emotional touch. Here is a list of different sarees bonding with their regions.  From Varanasi: Banarasi Saree Banarasi sarees are well-known across the world because of […]

Tips to Match Tie with Shirt

  There are too many options available to try different tie on different shirts which creates confusion to what to wear and what is going to perfectly match. Follow the given formulae and become pro in matching tie with your shirt. 1. Dark Solid Tie + Light Solid Shirt Dark solid tie and Light solid […]

Top Fashion Bloggers from India

  Fashion bloggers are those who write everything about fashion in their blogs and keep us update about fashion trends and News. Here are some Fashion Bloggers from India who share their knowledge through their blogs Shalini Chopra Shalini Chopra blogs are about fashion, beauty and style. Her goal is to make everyone trendy in […]

Top 5 expensive clothing brands

  A brand is heart of fashion. For human beings dressing up in an elegant way always remained a prime concern. They not only spend their precious time in selecting their clothes but also huge amount of money to look adorable. Brands play an important role in selection of clothing. As brand is a promise […]

Tips for Newbie Photographer

When you are a beginner in photography field, it is very much confusing to set the dials and menu settings. Setting your camera to auto mode is not a bad way, but if you will get to know about some technicalities regarding camera settings like ISO, Shutter speed, focus and aperture you will really enjoy […]

Tips for Outdoor Fashion Photography

Use natural lights The intensity and direction of natural lights cannot be controlled by humans as compare to artificial lights. But this problem can be overcomed by shooting the model in a particular place where we can get sufficient amount of light. Place the model such that the natural light fall on their face and […]

5 Best Dressing Styles For Men

This dressing style from Fashion Photographers Mumbai will help you to get the perfect attention of audience. 1. Plain White T-Shirt + Blue Trouser + Blue Blazer + White Sneakers : This formal casual combo of Blazer and t-shirt is all time wear dressing style, you can take this fashion trend to the weekend party, […]

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