Trends come and go but style lasts forever! Every season we can see new trends on the runway, and most of them are a desire for a girls closet. Most of the times we see trends that come back from the 70’s and 80’s and we just love them!

2016 was a year with trends such as velvet, metallic, leopard prints, long coats and of course: the popular chokers! Trends aren’t made to last forever because most of them expire after a few weeks so, here are a few items that are due for retirement.. but don´t throw them away! you never know when it will be a trend again.

The ´Off the shoulder´ tops. Who doesn’t love these? This is the item that every girl has worn in 2016. It is easily to combine and it makes your outfit just more fun and pretty! Even if it is a simple black top. But let’s be honest.. We need a new favorite item in 2017 right?

fashion trends in 2017- Fashion photographers in Mumbaifashion trends in 2017- fashion photographers mumbai

The famous Chokers. When this necklace (rope?) became a really big trend, not every girl seemed fascinated about it. But more and more of us began to wear it, so why not? And yes, every girl has a few ropes that match their outfits. We can´t blame them, it looks good and different but not anymore!

Fashion trends in 2017- fashion photographers mumbai

And there is more…

Lace-up top

fashion trends in 2017- fashion photographers mumbai

Septum piercing

fashion trends in 2017- fashion photographers mumbai

Ripped jeans

fashion trends in 2017- fashion photographers in mumbai

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