Fashion is not always about lodging new stock in your wardrobes, it’s also about creating and innovating something new out of the things you already have. Exactly, it can’t be called as recycling but it can just be categorized as a new trend – DIY (Do it Yourself). DIY fashion clothing is the latest vogue which is certainly at a hike in the market. So, here are some DIY hacks that you can implement in your clothing styles and hang it in your wardrobes that will certainly make you stand out of the crowd & provide you an alluring look for your photographs.

  1. Innovating a Plain T-Shirt: A plain t-shirt can be re-framed in a designer t-shirt by cutting and pasting some old material cloths in some beautiful and innovative shapes. For example, you may cut a piece of white net and paste it in the middle of your blue t-shirt. Or, you can simply paste the border of a fancy lace at the end of your t-shirt or also on the neck. Or, you can do a patch work of geometrical patterns by pasting the cut pieces of the same cloth material at various spaces of t-shirt.
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  2. One-Sided Off Shoulder Top: For this, you need to pick up a simple t-shirt and give a slanting cut to it. It will start from the neck and end up just below the armhole of one sleeve. This will gorgeously beautify a simple t-shirt into a trendy top. You can accessorize it with a necklace to give it a classy look.
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  3. Rugged Jeans: In spite of buying a new rugged jeans, you can simply cut off your old jeans and transform it into a faddy bottom wear. You can also cut it down to a capris or even shorts.
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  4.  Slashed Top: A simple plain top can be made fashionable by just cutting it off line by line horizontally in a downward triangle shape so as to give a stunning look to the overall appearance. It will appear as if a number of strips are attached within a vast triangle cut-out neck.
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  5. Adding Sleeves: If you are bored off after wearing a simple tank top then pick up a piece of net and stitch small sleeves to it. Or simply, you can pick a wide bordered lace which will directly act as your ready to use sleeves.
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  6. Fashionable Sleeves: You can design and customize your sleeves which can entirely give a new look to your top. You can either paste some bows on your sleeves, or you can cut it down in cold shoulder sleeves, or you can cut a vertical line in the mid of the sleeve or you can drop two pieces of ribbons or lace at the end which could be tied up.
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  7. Cut out the Back: For being unique with your ideas, you can simply cut out the back portion of your top or t-shirt in multiple patterns. You can horizontally cut it line by line and then squeeze a strip and paste a bow at its top. Or, you can give a deep cut and stitch two strips in a crossed pattern which will be placed just in between of the cut. Or, you can give a half semi-circle or heart cut just in mid of the top.
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  8. Cool Pockets: To recreate fashion, just pick some old cloth stuff and stitch it either to the up right corner of the t-shirt or place it at the two bottom corners or place a big pocket in the center. It’s would be storage cum fashion outlook.
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  9. A knot at the End: If you wearing a loose shirt then unbutton its last 2-3 buttons and tie a knot out of the hanging cloth of shirt. This will turn your shirt into a balloon shaped top which would perfectly go with denim shorts and trendy snickers.
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  10. Lace on Jeans: Unfortunately, if your jeans has been torn from a particular corner or side; you can simply pick up a patch of crochet lace and stitch the torn part of the same. This DIY will completely look like a ready-made goodies.
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  11. Remake of a Male’s Shirt: You can simply pick your husband’s or father’s shirt and remake it as a women’s dress by simply putting on a belt above your waist with can be enhanced with some customized sleeves. You can cut it down to a cold shoulder look or simply off shoulder or completely sleeveless.
  12. Patching up a Cut: Either on front or back of the top, you may cut a geometric shape or any shape of your choice and patch it up with a net piece or a contrasting coloured cloth piece. You can also cut down the part below your sleeves which are basically the two sides of the top and stitch it up by combining the two sides of cut parts by crochet.

These are some DIY fashion clothing tips which when put into use gives out amazing results. Also, through these tips, you can innovate some more ideas because DIY is all about doing it by yourself with your creative and imaginative minds.


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